Saving energy is about more than achieving competitive unit costs. It is about taking responsibility for the environment, the climate and future generations. Every company has set itself the goal of saving energy. But which measures work, and how much do they achieve? And what are the specifics of on-premises operation that need to be taken into account? – These questions are not easy to answer. ENGEL is offering support to injection moulding companies in the form of a new series of events. The series kicks off from 28 to 29 September 2023 in Austria.

“Green Production Forum – Energy efficiency and climate protection in the plastics industry” is the title of the two-day conference that injection moulding machine manufacturer and system solutions provider ENGEL, along with SKZ Würzburg and the Plastics Cluster Upper Austria invites interested parties to attend at the ENGEL headquarters in Schwertberg. The focus is on the potential and opportunities that injection moulding machines offer for climate-friendly production.

“At the Green Production Forum, we provide actionable tips for practical applications”, as Kathrin Neunteufel-Steyer, Head of Global Customer Training at ENGEL emphasises. “Each participant will be able to take a kind of roadmap, tailored to their individual local circumstances, detailing how to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions back to their company.” 

Theory combined with masses of practical knowledge and field reports

The conference combines theory with masses of practical knowledge and case studies. Among other things, the presentations look into guidelines, standards and performance indicators, retrofitting options, energy-efficient mould temperature control and cooling technology, potential in material conveying and drying, energy-saving and heat recovery systems, process settings and smart assistance systems.

The target group includes skilled workers, technicians and engineers, department and project managers, process and product managers, members of company management, process optimisers, CIP experts, and energy and environmental officers.

The conference starts at noon on the first day of the event and ends at 3 p.m. the next day. The event will be held in German and the attendance fee is EUR 690.

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