Taiwan PU Corporation announced that it had every confidence in the polyurethane market despite recent price and demand fluctuations. Citing market disruptions like global inflation, record energy prices, and a temporary dip in demand, Taiwan PU remains firmly committed to its customers and undeterred in its vision for a prosperous future. Founded in 1986, Taiwan PU is a well-established and respected manufacturer of PU for a global market.

“This industry has always been fast-moving and rapidly evolving,” said Taiwan PU. “It requires suppliers to be agile, quickly able to respond to market shifts both up and down. And we have certainly seen these sorts of market conditions before. But despite broad-spectrum global inflation worries over the past months, the need for quality PU products is undiminished.”

“Our company has always been driven by honesty, quality, innovation, and service, including high-end but affordable, eco-friendly, customized PUs such as flame-resistant casting resin for lithium batteries and electronics industries. We are also planning on providing a PU recycling service while developing low-carbon-footprint PU applications in line with our ongoing environmental commitments.”

Taiwan PU – Customer Satisfaction and Future Innovators

  • Flame-resistant casting resin meets exacting UL 94 V-0 flame retardant tests.
  • Long tradition of customized solutions for customers, like specialized solvent-free PUR wood glue for leading furniture manufacturers, helping reduce client costs.
  • 99% of customers surveyed rated Taiwan PU’s products as “excellent” and “very good,” while 90% also stated they would recommend the company to others.
  • Other environmental solutions like low carbon PU applications in biodegradable resin for packing materials.

Taiwan PU – Providers for a World of Applications

  • Prepolymer Materials and Parts: MDI PU prepolymer (PPG/PTMEG), TDI PU prepolymer (PPG/PTMEG), PU Resin for concrete molding, Doming PU resin, Polyurea coating resin, PU rod/pipe/sheet/spider/squeegee, Customized forklift wheel/roller/V-pulley
  • PU and TPU Adhesives: TPU adhesive for shoes and printing ink, PUR wood glue, Gravure printing PU ink binder, TPU hot-melt resin, Reactive hot-melt PU, Water-based PU adhesive, PU dispersion for textile coating, Phenolic resin
  • PU Extrusion Materials and Parts: TPU polyester/polyether-based pellets, Transparent pellets, Hardness 80A-95A, PU tube/braided tube, PTFE/nylon/PE/silicone hose, PU coiled hose/high-pressure hose, PU anti-spark hose and belt, Air hose reel, PU film, Customized parts
  • PU Injection Materials and Parts: TPU polyester/polyether based, TPU polycaprolactone based, High wear and hydrolysis resistance TPU pellet, Low temperature and transparent TPU raw material, Hardness 65A-98A/64D/71D, PU spider/O-ring/wheel/transmission belt, Other customized parts

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