The first artificial heart was created by the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov in 1937. It was implanted in a dog.

On 4 April 1969, Domingo Liotta and Denton A. Cooley replaced a dying man’s heart with a mechanical heart inside the chest at The Texas Heart Institute in Houston as a bridge for a transplant. The man woke up and began to recover……………

………………..In November 2021, cardiac surgeons at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands, successfully replaced a human heart with an artificial heart. The implant procedure was performed by the Heart Team led by Dr. Faiz Z. Ramjankhan and Dr. Niels P. van der Kaaij, Cardiothoracic surgeons, and Dr. Linda W. van Laake, heart failure cardiologist, at the UMC. It consists of thermoplastic polyurethane lined with biological material from cow heart tissue and was developed by the French company CARMAT SA.

Read more in FAPU issue 122, Januray 2022 page 23-24

The new artificial heart Aeson , which is the size of a human heart, was successfully implanted for the first time in Utrecht, the Netherlands. (Copyright: Carmat)