PDA Europe 7th Annual Conference

The Polyurea Development Association Europe, PDA Europe held its 7th Annual Conference from Monday 18 to Wednesday 20 November in Rome, Italy.
The event brought together 118 participants and 7 exhibitors.
Participants included representatives from Central Europe, Turkey, Russia and the United States.
The event started with two educational trainings: Introduction to Polyurea for the Applicator and the Contractor and a Surface Preparation Course. The trainings were followed the next two days by 15 lectures, 10 in English and 5 in Italian with simultaneous translation available at all times.
A polyurea spray demonstration was available to the participants during lunch time.
On Tuesday, the Annual General Assembly took place. Part of the association’s board was renewed and now counts 12 members.

    1)    Elisabet Michelson - Elmico (President)
    2)    Carlos Royo - Gama (Past President)
    3)    Herbert Mann - Wiwa
    4)    Gianni Farina - Zetagi
    5)    Alberto Cecinati - Graco
    6)    Dino Vasquez - Mapei
    7)    Muge Pinar - Unicom
    8)    Hugo Herault - Krypton
    9)    Françoise Boussac – Huntsman
    10)    Klaus Breuer – BASF
    11)    Teodoro Du Marteau – NTE
    12)    Dirk Uebelhoer – SIKA
The General Assembly also designated a new Education Committee Chair: Alain Van Oorsow from BASF Polyurethanes.
The other Committee Chairs remain unchanged: Pieter de Swerts, GRACO (Chair of the Programme Committee), Marc Broekaert, Huntsman (Chair Membership Development Committee), Klaus Breuer, BASF SE (Chair Industry Relations Committee), Teodoro Du Marteau, NTE (Chair Italian Committee).

Carles Royo, Gama, handed over the presidency to Elisabet Michelson, Elmico, and Klaus Breuer, BASF, was designated President elect.

PDA_Foto_Handover_SAM_0276Carles Royo, Gama, handed over the presidency to Elisabet Michelson,