Getzner gaskets score highly in North America

Just four years since it first started trading, Getzner Werkstoffe’s US subsidiary in Charlotte has established itself on the American market very quickly. Thanks to the partnerships it has formed, Getzner USA, Inc. has expanded into new sectors, alongside its core vibration-protection business. The Austrian Trade Commission has once again nominated Getzner in the Trendsetter category of the US-A-Biz Award for the use of Sylodyn in gasket applications.

The US-A-Biz Award of the Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles shine a spotlight on the exceptional and innovative achievements of Austrian companies on the highly competitive US market. In 2015, Getzner won the US-A-Biz Award in the Trendsetter category. Following on from this success, this year the leading provider of vibration protection solutions has been nominated again for the introduction of gaskets made from the established material Sylodyn on the American market. The materials from Getzner have proven themselves as vibration dampers in the rail, construction and industry sectors. This new area of application – gaskets – opens up an array of new solution possibilities, including armoured windows, housings for optics or portable electronics, and shock-resistant batteries.

Getzner USA, Inc., which was founded in 2013, has struck up US partnerships in a very short space of time, allowing it to improve how it markets the various solutions on offer. Its first partnership was with PGC, a manufacturer of gaskets, O-rings, adhesives and related products. Thanks to the material Sylodyn and the wealth of expertise from Getzner, PGC developed the world’s first closed-cellular polyurethane gasket in 2013. Gaskets based on these materials boast unparalleled durability, adhesion and strength. What’s more, unlike silicone foam, they’re PSA-friendly (double-sided adhesive tape). Their unrivalled resistance to chemicals, water, cold and heat make them extremely durable, which means the gaskets don’t need to be replaced as often. They’re therefore more economical than other solutions.

Getzner and PGC were recently commissioned by a leading medical accessories company to develop a battery cover gasket for a sensitive device, which pumps fluids round the body.

Once the Sylodyn gaskets from Getzner had made a name for themselves on the market, Getzner USA, Inc. entered into another strategic partnership in the North American automotive sector with Unique Fabricating – a manufacturer of non-metallic die-cut parts delivering solutions for acoustic, air/water sealing and other applications (e.g. Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Testing BSR). Getzner sealing material brings significant benefits in this area of application too, including lower fuel consumption, fewer costs and increased safety.