Vibration protection for 170 t. precision machine Roll grinding machine receives elastic bearing from Getzner

To ensure the precision of an industrial grinding machine weighing 170 metric tons at the Cernay-based company Valmet, Getzner Werkstoffe installed a vibration protection solution in 2015. The elastic Sylodyn bearings protect the machine from vibrations to preserve the accuracy of its precision work while reducing maintenance needs at the same time. In order that the new precision grinding machine at the service centre of the technology provider Valmet in Cernay can be operated with long-term reliability, it was fitted with a vibration protection solution from Getzner in 2015. At 17 metres long and roughly five metres wide, the industrial grinding machine is used to renew the surface of metal rollers, such as those found in the paper and cardboard industry. The 170 metric ton unit rests on point bearings of Sylodyn NE to protect it against shocks and vibrations.


GetznerValmet_2015-jpgThe point bearings of Sylodyn NE protect the 170 metric tons unit from vibrations while reducing
maintenance costs at the same time. 


Developed and manufactured by Getzner itself, the material effectively reduces the transfer of vibrations, allowing the machine to deliver results with the utmost precision while reducing maintenance costs at the same time.

Vibration protection calculation and installation supervision
For Getzner, this project carries huge significance: It is one of the heaviest and largest machine bearings ever installed in the company’s history. The Sylodyn bearings have to be able to withstand a permanent load of 615 metric tons – machine and concrete foundation. The order was received via the firm DBI-Ingenieure, who had been appointed by the client to conduct acoustic measurements. The contractor Blanck installed the elastic bearing on site under the guidance of Getzner.

Roll grinding machine fact box
Location:    Cernay, Alsace (FR)
Weight:    170 t.
Vibration isolation:    Getzner France SAS
Client/contractor:    Blanck    SA    
Solution:    Machine bearing on Sylodyn NE (66-piece point bearing (elastic))
Commissioned:    September 2015