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29-31 May 2018

Venue: MECC Maastricht, Forum 100, 6229 GV MAASTRICHT NL


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We are looking forward to welcoming you to UTECH Europe 2018 and wanted to provide you with some further information before your arrival in Maastricht next month.


Recycling and Sustainability of Polyurethanes Explored in Depth at UTECH Europe 2018 Conference

Recycling, sustainability and the use of renewable resources in the manufacture of polyurethanes will be a key focus of the UTECH Europe 2018 conference taking place 29-31 May 2018 at the MECC, Maastricht, The Netherlands. No less than 15 of the conference’s 80 plus detailed technical papers are devoted to environmental issues in a dedicated session taking place on the event’s second day.

Among papers focusing on the recycling of polyurethane materials, Mila Skokova, Sales Manager of H & S Anlagentechnik will present Recycling of end-of-life PU mattresses into polyol for rigid PU foam applications. Ronny Hanich, Research Associate, Fraunhofer ICT and Ana Crespo Soler, Senior Researcher Composites, AIMPLAS will explore The Challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in recycling foam from post-consumer waste. Grazyna Mitchener, Director and Principal Consultant at Polychemtech will deliver a paper on Recycling of rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foam waste.

Papers exploring the greater use of renewable resources include: The BASF Biomass Balance Approach – a ground-breaking way of deriving products from renewable raw materials, delivered by Christian Krueger and Volker Schmidt of BASF Polyurethanes.


UTECH Europe Conference


Richard French, Business Development Director at Econic Technologies will introduce Econic catalyst systems for tunable, low-pressure incorporation of CO2 into polyols. A team from Covestro’s Catalysis & Technology Incubation unit Christoph Gürtler, Jochen Norwig and Annika Stute will speak on: Broadening the raw material base of polyurethanes: new developments with CO2 & pFA.

Zsanett Boros, Development Engineer at Wanhua-BordsodChem explores: A transition from synthetic to biodegradable polyurethanes. Virginie Chabrol, Technical Manager Specialities at Total Cray Valley will introduce Krasol F 3000 novel bio-based diol for polyurethanes.

Papers looking more broadly at the sustainability and the circular economy agenda for the polyurethanes industry include Marcel Moeller, Marketing Director EMEAI, Dow Polyurethanes on Addressing the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy. Covestro’s Senior Vice President Commercial Operations EMEA, Polyurethanes Business Unit Hermann-Josef Doerholt will present his paper on Innovation for sustainable growth.

Michel Baumgartner, Secretary General, EUROPUR and Arnaud Duvielguerbigny, Managing Director, PU Europe will together guide conference delegates with their: The end-of life of flexible and rigid polyurethane foam: EU regulatory update and way forward for the industry.

The full three-day programme includes sessions covering all areas of the polyurethanes industry including flexible foams, rigid and spray foams, blowing agents, CASE (Coatings Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers), additives, polyureas, composites and automotive applications. ISOPA will also be holding a dedicated session on the second day of the conference.

For more information on the full conference programme and to book a place at the UTECH Europe 2018 conference visit: www.utecheuropeconference.com.



Exhibitor Information

A.S. Enterprises Stand No. 436

With nearly 30 years experience in the field of flexible foam machinery, ASE is now looking to expand its market to USA, Canada and Europe. Our machines are a good substitute for highly expensive machines without compromising on quality. Our Vertical, Horizontal, Carousel cutting machines have a proven track record.

Berliner Intermediates Stand Nr. 333

Distributing brand of a diverse range of aliphatic diols for CASE and flexibles, multi-functional aliphatic aromatic polyols for composites and high strength rigid foams PUR and PIR.

We address your PU formulations with sustainable and performing intermediates derived from Cardanol (a CNSL derivative) Castor and Rapeseed Oil. Berliner Intermediates maintains of bringing “Sustainable and lasting solutions for your PU products”.

Bomix Chemie GmbH Stand No. 622

Decades of expertise and consistent focus on trendsetting topics are paying off: At UTECH Europe 2018; Bomix Chemie GmbH presents reliable, innovative solutions for PU surface refinement. A special highlight is the novel Fingerprint-Technology for invisible, counterfeit-proof product identification with the use of an additive. New high-performance release agents offer added value and variety for special applications in the sectors - mobility, lifestyle and health. The new generation of coatings and In-Mould-Coatings convinces in account of its multifunctional properties, especially in the field of flame-retardant features, biocompatibility and conductivity for bright colour shades.


Bomix® Fingerprint-Technology – innovative product identification

With the Fingerprint-Technology from Bomix, plastic parts can be clearly labelled, forgery- and court-proof. The simple and flexible handling in form of an additive makes it possible to apply the technology in coatings, In-Mould-Coatings or foam pastes quite easily. Even small areas or letters are sufficient for a trustworthy recognition of the non-copyable fingerprint.


Sustainable Bomix® Release agents – multifunctional and highly efficient

Based on the so-called "green chemistry" the release agents from Bomix guarantee a process-safe, easy handling and clean demoulding. The special features: effects such as gloss level, visuals and haptics can be realised without specially pre-treated mould surfaces – with or without In-Mould-Coating. In daily use, the release agents prove to be multifunctional and highly efficient for various applications such as instrument panels (spray skin), wire harness as well as steering wheels or acoustic parts (e.g. engine covers).


Trendsetting Bomix® Coating Systems – design and function

Bomix responds to the increased need for functionality and design with a new generation of coatings and In-Mould-Coating-systems. These include unique developments in the areas of flame-retardant features, biocompatibility and conductivity for very bright colour shades. All functional characteristics are available individually or in different combinations. The portfolio includes custom-made solutions for a diversity of substrates, from highly flexible to rigid, as well as solvent-based and environmentally friendly, water-based systems. Visual and haptic properties show their effect particularly in segments such as lifestyle, health, mobility and aerospace.

Cannon Group Stand Nr. 618

Cannon will share with the industry the latest technological developments in the field of Polyurethane and Composites processing, presented by an international team of specialists:

• Polyurethanes Mixing Heads & Dosing Units: advanced solutions for general purpose foams up to specialised applications (filled and reinforced formulations, multi-component and multi-hardness foaming, micro-shots, high-outputs, spray, JetPreg, cavity filling, pipe insulation, Clear Coating, gasketing and potting). Three new mixing heads will be presented at UTECH Europe 2018:

  • cannon 3The AX22, a 6+1 components L-shaped head specifically designed for producing modern automotive seating made in multi-hardness and multi-density flexible foams. The head has received in April 2018 the “Technology & Development Award” from Toyota Boshoku, the Japanese company producing all Toyota seats, for its “high productivity, high flexibility, high quality and high stability”
  • cannon 2The FPL SR QCC, a multi-colour head designed for the flexible production of coloured articles in microcellular foams, such as steering wheels, automotive interior parts and furniture components. The QCC (Quick Colour Change) configuration allows for fast and scrap-free switch between different colours, using dedicated nozzles that feed them as third component in a way that it can be changed without flushing shots to clean the mixing chamber.
  • cannon 1The VECTOR 26, the new Cannon head designed for high-output applications requiring a very laminar flow. It features a double mixing chamber to provide optimum mixing efficiency and smooth flow of the blended formulations for the insulation of refrigerators and panels.
  • Complete plants for the production of flexible and rigid Slabstock foams, including modern high-pressure mixing solutions, with metering and dispensing equipment for alternative blowing agents.
  • Technologies for the thermal insulation of buildings: technologically advanced proven solutions, based on discontinuous and continuous methods, for the production of insulated boards, sandwich panels, insulated window frames, sectional garage doors, pipes and other insulating elements.
  • The wide range of solutions dedicated to the Automotive and transportation industries, in particular for flexible seats, car interior parts and Composites (Carbon fibre- and Glass-reinforced).
  • The Vacuum-based foaming technology, Cannon V.A.I. (Vacuum Assisted Injection),a major achievement in the field of domestic refrigerators and insulated panels.

In line with its tradition of diffusing specialised information, Cannon will present two technical papers at this UTECH Europe Conference:

  • “JetPreg, the Innovative Cannon Spray-on-Honeycomb Solution for Lightweight Automotive Components” presented by Alessandro Colella – Cannon Afros, Day 3, 11:00 Florin Room
  • “New Generation Multi-Component EasyFroth and Mixing Heads with Direct Injection for HFO’s” presented by Marco Callari – Cannon Afros, Day 2, 16:45, Euro Room

Chromaflo Technologies Stand Nr. 814

Chromaflo Technologies is the leading independent global supplier of colorant systems, chemical and pigment dispersions serving the thermoset and coatings industries. Our diverse technical and custom manufacturing capabilities provide color solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

At UTECH 2018, Chromaflo Technologies will promote an extended range of black colorants (Plasticolors DL, DB, DC, UPL) for various polyurethane applications as these require unique and versatile properties of the colorants. Applications include foam, (reinforced) RIM, cast elastomer and PU pultrusion. Furthermore product lines for plasticizer containing systems will be highlighted such as organic and inorganic pigment pastes suspended in DOTP (Plasticolors DTP), DINCH (Plasticolors DH) and DINP (Plasticolors DNP). These are particularly suitable for soft PVC, caulk/sealant, polymer and elastomer applications.

Covestro Elastomers Stand No. 520-530

Leveraging on an uncommon track record of technological breakthroughs and innovations, Covestro Elastomers steadily pursues its endeavor to develop products and services which effectively support all customers in their day-to-day activity. As a major supplier in the global cast polyurethane market, Covestro Elastomers provides fully customized solutions including prepolymer systems, casting machines and technical assistance. From the products’ performance and processing, to sustainability and productivity matters, Covestro Elastomers caters to all aspects and stages around the elastomer material in order to design an accurate and effective solution for each and every one of its customers.

In line with its heritage, Covestro Elastomers will set to demonstrate once again the extent of its dedication to developing improved solutions for its customers. On the occasion of UTECH Europe 2018, Covestro Elastomers will be unveiling new cast polyurethane systems, as well as an entirely new processing machine concept.

Comprised with advanced technologies, these significant changes have been designed to meet today’s molding challenges and to foresee tomorrow’s.

• booth 520 dedicated to polyurethanes,

• booth 530 focused on cast elastomers.


Next generation systems to open new potentials

Covestro Elastomers will highlight its versatile solutions to challenge TDI-MOCA systems: together, these new systems are the perfect solutions for multi-purpose applications thanks to their performances and their easy processing. Additionally, Covestro Elastomers will also focus on its new premium solutions for Mines & Quarries applications.


New machine concept to meet current and future needs

Covestro Elastomers will unveil its new machine design concept. It enables to customize the processing machine to individual requirements and to flexibly evolve with future needs. Furthermore, the machine on display on the booth embeds several innovative features to enhance the accuracy, to secure and facilitate the handling and to increase the productivity.


Easy services to increase productivity

Along with these highlights, Covestro Elastomers will launch its advanced customer services. Designed to ease and secure the mastering of the production, these services aim at reducing downtimes and monitoring the manufacturing process.


Covestro: New corporate program for digitization

Digitization opens up many new business opportunities in the chemical and plastics industries. Covestro wants to take advantage of these opportunities and initiated a comprehensive strategic program last year to anchor digital technologies and processes in research & development, production, logistics and at all points of contact with customers.

All activities are bundled in the “Digital@Covestro” program and comprise three main themes: In the “Digital Operations” area, the cost efficiency of the company's own technical processes is being improved, primarily in production. “Digital Customer Experience” opens up new digital channels for contact with customers. “Digital Business Models” aims at new business models, for example online trading platforms for standard products.


Digital developments for the PU process chain

The program offers special opportunities for customers in the polyurethane industry because unlike thermoplastics the properties of these materials are characterized in a complex way by chemistry and process engineering. Covestro can also achieve significant improvements in its own process technology through digitization. At the UTECH Europe 2018 conference, Dr. Ulrich Liman, Head of Innovation in the Polyurethanes segment, will give a presentation on this topic under the title “PU 4.0 – digital developments for improved polyurethane products”.

Covestro has been using digital technologies for years. Modern control rooms are steering its own production via a digital process control system with the aid of algorithms. Tool designs with filling simulations are common practice for customers in the automotive industry. In future, the entire value chain will be digitized in order to simulate all process steps – from the formulation and mixing of the PU systems to their processing and handling of the component with the aid of robots. This will significantly shorten development times and the implementation of integrated production processes.


Virtual PU synthesis

Using digital calculation methods, Covestro also operates a “virtual chemical reactor”. The company has developed software that precisely calculates the changes in temperature and molecular composition, i.e. the progress of the chemical reaction.

Not only important primary products such as urethanes and ureas are considered, but also secondary reactions, the influence of catalysts or back reactions and the development of molecular networks. The sophisticated tool has already proven itself in various projects, for example in the optimization of Covestro's MDI prepolymer portfolio.


Online prediction tool for optimized PU processing

In the “Digital Customer Experience” area, the company is supporting customers with new digital service elements. The Polyurethanes segment is currently offering its initial partners a digital service platform with a forecasting tool that determines the best PU formulations and processing conditions online for a specific production environment.

The tool has already been successfully tested at FoamPartner Fritz Nauer AG. In the project, the software determined the influence of the weather on the production of flexible foam and proposed countermeasures to compensate for quality fluctuations.

Another online platform called i4pt0™ is cloud-based and covers all segments of Covestro. The focus here is more on the development of polymer products such as foams, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, sealants and polycarbonate compounds. The software calculates raw material and formulation proposals for the customer according to the desired product properties. Tools for PU block foam production are already available on this platform.


Online platforms for efficient procurement

Another pillar of Covestro's digitalization strategy is a digital chemical trading platform. In future, customers will be able to buy standard products efficiently online at current market prices. The platform was designed together with customers and is currently being tested.

Since April 23, Covestro has also been offering its high-tech polymer products through a flagship store at 1688.com. This online platform of the internet giant Alibaba is currently China's largest marketplace for business customers.

Era Polymers Stand No. 624

Era Polymers is happy to announce the addition of a selected number of Extra Low Free TDI grades (<0.1%) to their prepolymer range. The following grades are now available, with more being added in the near future:

Era 1 Era 2

Follmann Stand No. 1010

As experts for the development and manufacture of pigment preparations for colouring polyurethanes in foams and CASE applications, Follmann will be exhibiting in Maastrich. Curious trade fair visitors can get all the information about the products and individual services of the family business.

"This trade fair is an ideal platform for us to show the visitors our innovative and tailor-made solutions in the field of pigment preparations, and to make new contacts", says Axel Rück, Business Development Manager at Follmann. The focus will be on FOLCO® LOR pigment preparations, which Follmann has developed specifically for colouring polyurethane.


Pigment preparations from the FOLCO® LOR PU and FOLCO® LOR TEC series

The pigment preparations from the FOLCO® LOR PU and FOLCO® LOR TEC series have been specifically developed for industrial applications, in particular for PUR systems and foams, coating systems and typical CASE applications. They impress with perfect pigment dispersions, brilliant and pure colour shades and broad compatibility, demonstrate good storage and processing stability, and are VOC and solvent-free.

"As well as our standard range, we also supply individual solutions, of course. That way, we can always adapt the preparations flexibly to the requirements of our customers", Axel Rück explains. "We will be happy to inform trade fair visitors about the various options and our services."

H & S Anlagentechnik GmbH Stand No. 710

This year H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany will introduce its innovative technology and reactor installations for the chemical conversion of PU foam out of end-of-life mattresses into high quality polyols for application in rigid PU foams.

The technology is based on an optimised acidolysis method and enables the generation of high-grade recovered polyols which can substitute up to 50% of the original polyol without compromising the physical and mechanical properties of the final product. This was already tested on a continuous lamination line for manufacturing of insulation panels.

In contrast to previously known methods, polyols generated with the H&S technology have good reactivity and do not contain any hazardous primary aromatic amines.

H&S will also present reactors and technologies for generating high-quality polyester polyols based on PET, PA, adipic acid and natural oils.

Another part of H&S portfolio will be introduced also:

  • tank farms for storing polyol, isocyanate, pentane and resins
  • batch blending stations for mixing polyols with additives and fillers
  • inline mixing stations for mixing polyol with blowing agents
  • pre-polymer reactors
  • reactors and technologies for chemical conversion of rigid and flexible residues into polyol
  • reactors and technologies for generating aromatic and adipatic polyester polyols

Huntsman Stand No. 506 + 600

Huntsman’s booth will showcase the company’s latest polyurethane innovations for automotive, construction and footwear applications including the latest low emission sustainable car seat technology. Visitors will also have the chance to meet associates from Huntsman’s expanding, global, systems house network.

At this year’s UTECH Europe, seven of Huntsman’s systems houses will exhibit together for the first time including: HAPC (Saudi Arabia); Huntsman EMA (Turkey); Huntsman Gomet (Italy); Huntsman IFS (England); Huntsman NMG (Russia); Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri (Italy); and Huntsman PUR-Systems (Germany). Individually, many of Huntsman’s systems houses are world leading in their own right, offering a rich mix of unique products and services. Together, and with the chemical expertise of Huntsman, they make up a total innovation network that can meet the needs of customers, wherever they are based, and whatever their polyurethane requirements.

During UTECH Europe, Huntsman associates will also demonstrate their knowledge and expertise via a series of technical papers at the show conference. On day one, Kristof Dedecker, Innovation Manager, will give a paper on PIR panel production, explaining how new polyol technologies can help panel producers ensure consistent foam processing, higher line speeds and better all-round performance. Later that day, Application Specialist, Geert Dries, will talk about the emergence of low emission polyurethane catalysts and how they can help flexible foam producers meet and exceed increasingly stringent environmental and safety standards

On day two, Bart Vangrimde, Technical Manager Composites, will kick off the conference’s automotive session with a talk about snap cure resins and how they can help improve advanced part design and process engineering. Then, in the afternoon, Johan Peters, Account Manager Acoustics and NVH Global, will give a presentation on acoustic comfort enhancement in automobiles.


Huntsman Machine MID RESHuntsman Tecnoelastomeri launches latest CASTECH™ hot-cast elastomer machine

Visitors to UTECH Europe in May will be able to see the very latest model in Huntsman’s established range of CASTECH™ elastomer casting machines in action. Elastomer experts from Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri are taking one of their brand new CASTECH™ HP3000 casting machines to Maastricht to help showcase what’s on offer through Huntsman’s total innovation network.

CASTECH™ machines are a flexible, low maintenance, equipment solution that enable the precision metering and mixing of hot-cast elastomers and microcellular elastomer foams from all kinds of isocyanate and chain extender combinations.

Featuring a range of interchangeable parts, CASTECH™ machines can be tailor made to suit individual customer’s manufacturing requirements. As standard, each CASTECH™ machine provides:

• Precision dosing with good mix homogeneity

• A high output and precise shot casting capabilities

• A long size, flexible arm which makes it easy to cast parts of different shapes and sizes.

Each machine also comes with its own software package for monitoring performance variables and making adjustments during the manufacturing process.

The CASTECH™ HP3000 machine takes this functionality one step further offering:

• A high-speed motor capable of speeds of up to 10,000 rpm

• An output range of 150 to 60,000 grams per minute, depending on circuit and pump size

• New injectors designed with higher output in mind but also capable of handling lower outputs

• A dynamic mixer, which can be standard or large in size, to provide the perfect mixing quality

• A mixing head compatible with the latest high performance polyurethane systems

• A 19-inch touch screen to display machine status

• An in-built software system for monitoring temperature, pressure levels and mixer speeds

• A cleaning system that manages solvent, pressurized air, mixer RPM and cleaning cycles, and has a programmable pre-wash to help reduce solvent consumption.

Johan van Tongelen, Global Business Director at Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri, said: “Designed to ease equipment integration and deliver the highest levels of dosing and mixing precision, our CASTECH™ machines are among the most advanced equipment options available for the efficient manufacture of elastomers. With additional features available - including the option to add up to six additional injectors to the mixing chamber - the CASTECH™ HP3000 takes our offer to the next level, giving us extra flexibility when it comes to creating elastomer processing machines that exactly match our customers requirements.”


Novel catalyst technologies can be used to produce flexible foam with lower emission potential

A new range of catalysts that can help flexible foam producers meet stringent CertiPUR and LGA emission requirements will be the subject of a Huntsman conference paper at the UTECH Europe conference in Maastricht at the end of May.

Demonstrating the expertise available in Huntsman’s total innovation network, Geert Dries will present a paper that outlines the development of a range of JEFFCAT® catalysts, which have significantly lower emission potential than conventional catalyst technologies, and are more user friendly.

Tertiary amines are essential ingredients in any flexible foam formulation – whether for molded or slabstock products. Available for decades, these amine structures are very effective but have a relatively high vapor pressure and can contribute to overall plant emissions. In addition, these amine structures can contribute to the overall VOC footprint of end-consumer items such as car seats, and bedding and furniture.

To overcome these issues, Huntsman has developed a range of JEFFCAT® catalyst and JEFFADD® additive solutions that can be used to produce a wide range of flexible foams with reduced emission potential - while still demonstrating excellent physical properties.

Geert Dries will present a paper on this subject at the UTECH Europe conference on Tuesday 29 May at 4:30pm in the Euro Room.


Snap sure rsins for automotive composite applications

Polyurethane resins with snap cure capabilities are one of several innovative composite technologies for the automotive industry, which Huntsman will be promoting when UTECH Europe opens for business next week.

On Thursday 31 May, Bart Vangrimde, Technical Manager Composites at Huntsman, will kick off the conference’s automotive session with a talk about the company’s award-winning VITROX® composite technology platform.

Demonstrating Huntsman’s ability to go further for its customers, the VITROX® product platform is designed to give automotive parts manufacturers greater control over resin reaction times - without affecting the physical properties for which polyurethane composite systems are known. With a low initial viscosity that remains stable over time, VITROX® resins have a longer working window than conventional products - a valuable feature in the fabrication of large components. VITROX® resins also have a tunable induction period that can be followed by a snap cure, which means parts can be demolded in minutes.

Commenting, Bart Vangrimde said: “Polyurethane composite resins are widely used across the automotive industry, but their short processing window can prove challenging for some vehicle parts designers. Our VITROX® resin technology is designed to overcome this problem - giving part producers the power to influence and actively manage resin-related steps in the production process. With controllable kinetics, this new generation of high toughness resins opens up a world of opportunity to automotive parts producers looking for a longer working window when creating lightweight polyurethane-based composite components.”

Bart Vangrimde will present his paper at the UTECH Europe conference on Thursday 31 May at 10:30am in the Florin Room.


New technology provided by GlassUp to be showcased at UTECH Europe as part of Huntsman’s total innovation network

Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri today announces the launch of a unique new service for its machine customers. As part of a cooperation with GlassUp, an Italian technology company, Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri is now able to offer remote technical support to customers using its CASTECH™ elastomer processing machines via an innovative smart goggles system. The new system lets equipment engineers see what CASTECH™ machine operators are looking at, in real time.

GlassUp’s smart glasses system is transforming how processing and equipment maintenance advice is deployed - enabling the rapid delivery of remote, front line technical support, in busy production environments. Featuring an in-built optical system and web cam, the GlassUp system lets Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri’s machine experts share a customer’s field of vision, while talking to them at the same time. Running on Windows OS 8 (or later versions), the GlassUp spectacles use a Wi-Fi connection to simultaneously stream images, videos and voice calls. The GlassUp system also comes with its own desktop software.

Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri will be showcasing the GlassUp system at UTECH Europe at the end of May - helping to demonstrate the breadth of support available in Huntsman’s total innovation network for the polyurethanes industry.

Johan Van Tongelen, Global Business Director, Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri, said: “GlassUp is taking wearable technology into the workplace and we are proud to be the first elastomers producer in the world to adopt this system. The benefits that GlassUp can bring to industrial and manufacturing environments are huge. For customers of our CASTECH™ elastomer processing machines, that choose to use this service, the advantage will be even quicker access to our team’s technical know-how plus more accurate on-the-spot advice and problem resolution.”

Huntsman Tecnoelastomeri will be incorporating GlassUp’s technology into the 360º scientific support service it already offers to customers that need help evaluating or working with elastomers.

IPF Stand Nr. 138

Smart solutions for flexible polyurethane short and long foam handling. IPF develops customized Transport & Storage Systems for the Polyurethane Foam Manufacturers, supplying complete solutions in the following areas: Curing Racks, Foam Cranes, Conveyors, etc. using the latest technologies and fully integrated with your current plant systems. IPF offers a complete solution from the design of the factory layout and process, to the most advanced technology to get a smart foam factory.

ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG Stand No. 622

50 Years of “Spirit of Colour”

Already since its foundation in 1968 ISL-Chemie GmbH & Co. KG, producer of pigment pastes and paints for the polyurethane industry, has been dedicated to quality “made in Germany”. At Utech 2018 ISL will be presenting long-term proven products as well as new products for the colouring and coating of polyurethanes.


Moltopren®-S expanded product range

The Moltopren®-S reactive dyes product range has again been expanded. ISL will be presenting its reactive dye product range at the Berlac Group booth. Various mixed colour shades are now available as well as basic colours red, blue and yellow. The reactive dyes of the Moltopren® S-product range are low viscous and stand out with their high colour brilliance as well as colour strength. Thanks to an optimum integration of the reactive dye via hydroxyl-functional groups into the polyurethane-foam via hydroxyl-functional groups the so-coloured foams will not bleed. Reduced streaking and an improved settling behavior are further advantages of the Moltopren®-S product range. The product range is continuously expanded so that more and more colour shades become available.


Thermochromatic pigment pastes for “hot” applications

Foams made from PU get added value by using pigment pastes with thermochromatic pigments. The colour shade of the final product can change at a temperature at e.g. 40°C and thus shows that the coloured product still has a certain temperature. By combining thermochromatic pigments with standard pigment pastes colour shade changes can be achieved within various temperature ranges and offer functional benefits to the customer.


Special effects for PU coatings

Especially in the automotive industry high-quality surfaces with effects are more and more in demand by end-users. However, processing the expensive pigments is often challenging as they have a tendency to settle.. The desired effect is often not achieved as the pigments used can hardly be seen in the final application, for example a surface coating. Thanks to its long-term expertise with the dispersion of pigments ISL has succeeded in stabilizing special effect pigments for the use in polyurethane-coatings in a way that they can be perceived with the desired intensity in the final application, even in thicker coatings.


In-Mould-Coating for external applications

Plastic parts are coated directly in the mould using the In-Mould-Coating (IMC) process. The IMC-process is already established for the production of steering wheels, dashboards and many other applications within the automotive interior area. ISL now offers IMC-paints also for external use, for example for wheel arch linings or upper parts of rear spoilers of caravans and commercial vehicles.

The ISL-IMC-paints are self-releasing so that less external release agent is required during the moulding process. Post-painting of the parts is no longer necessary and thus time and money can be saved. The ISOTHAN®-NT-paint for corresponding applications features high surface quality, excellent UV-stability as well as very good chemical resistances.


In-Mould-Coating for Spray-Skin applications

ISL-In-Mould-Coatings stand the test in new applications like e.g. the PU-Spray-Skin method. Here an aromatic PU-system is sprayed into a pre-tempered mould. The final surface of the spray skin is refined and protected and pleasant haptics are achieved by using ISL-ISOTHAN®-In-Mould Paints which are sprayed into the mould at first. Fast colour shade changes as well as multi-coloured PU-parts are possible using spray skin technology. The technology can be used for dashboards, glove compartment lids, door trim panels or armrests and other parts and offers reduced weight as well as general costs savings compared to other technologies. The coated surfaces offer outstanding UV, abrasion and chemical resistances.

Keil Anlagenbau Stand No. 1110

Keil Anlagenbau presents its newly developed Self-Blending System at the UTECH Europe.

The self-blending system is based on the dosing technique with the brand name GRAVITUBE®.

This precise technology has far better dosing options than many other measuring systems, and it is characterized by accuracy and reproducibility even when minimum quantities are handled. Also, the competency in the field of prepolymer equipment will be another topical theme and a point of focus.

The visitors to the exhibition can also rely on receiving competent advice in the sectors of storage tank equipment, PUR-recycling, switch cabinet construction, process automation, dosing technique, discharge stations as well as project planning and project engineering.

LANXESS Stand No. 904

LANXESS CT13 143238 hires 300Bundled competence for the PU industry

LANXESS will be showcasing its premium products for the polyurethane industry at UTECH Europe 2018 from May 29 to 31. The new Urethane Systems business unit will be represented at the conference for the first time. “We want to use this major event in the global polyurethane industry primarily to strengthen our position as a customer-focused urethane systems provider. The focus is on our broad range of prepolymers with very low free isocyanate content. This technology opens up new opportunities for our customers, especially in terms of performance and safety,” explains Dr. Markus Eckert, Head of Urethane Systems. Other key topics include material alternatives to MbOCA-cured cast systems and blocked systems for a range of cast and coating applications.

As one of the leading manufacturers of bromine and phosphorus based flame retardants, LANXESS’s Additives business unit offers solutions for all types of polyurethanes. The product innovations presented at UTECH Europe include flame retardants, plasticizers, crosslinkers, catalysts and hydrolysis stabilizers. The focus there is on new flame retardant solutions from the Levagard, Disflamoll and Reofos product ranges, which have proven themselves in rigid and flexible foam applications based on polyurethane. The business unit also introduces Stabaxol L, the first product in a new range of low-emission hydrolysis stabilizers. “Our new oligomeric flame retardant solutions can help address the increasing requirements for flexible foams and meet our customers’ demands for low fogging and low emission additives,” explains Dr. Heiko Tebbe, Manager Application Technology Polymer Additives at the LANXESS Additives business unit.


Urethane Systems: Broad portfolio of low free (LF) isocyanate prepolymers

Compared to other manufacturers, LANXESS Urethane Systems has one of the broadest portfolios of prepolymers with low free isocyanate content for cast elastomers. Adiprene LF prepolymers are based on TDI, MDI, HDI, IPDI, and pPDI diisocyanates, with free monomer content usually below 0.1 percent. “Our low free prepolymers meet the latest regulatory standards with regard to health, safety and environmental protection, so that the processor can minimize required protective measures. At the same time, they help our customers to improve the mechanical performance of elastomer components and to produce them economically,” explains Eckert.


Better properties than MbOCA-cured elastomers

In particular, Adiprene LF MDI prepolymers, together with the aromatic diol curing agent Vibracure 2101, are an alternative to TDI and LF TDI prepolymers cured with MbOCA (4.4′-Methylene-bis(2-chloroaniline)). The use of MbOCA within EEA countries has recently been severely restricted and regulated by the European chemicals regulation REACH. “Our urethane systems meet all REACH requirements, and produce elastomers with high elasticity and improved resistance to abrasion, impact, and hydrolysis, while using the same processing equipment. In addition, they are easier to process because of their lower viscosity,” says Eckert. The pot life can be long to help with molding large parts, and can be catalyzed for higher productivity.


Controlled curing with blocked prepolymers

New Adiprene K blocked prepolymers are available with curing agents to make customer-specific, fully-formulated reactive systems. Curing of these prepolymers is triggered at a precisely defined temperature resulting is a controlled cure. “With these systems, we are targeting large and complex parts and manual processing, which is used for very low volume production,” says Eckert. These prepolymers have inherently good industrial hygiene, as there is no free isocyanate due to the blocking. Potential applications include the impregnation of fabric belts, abrasive pad binders or the coating of industrial rollers. The systems are also suitable for rotational molding and liquid injection molding.


Global urethane systems provider

Urethane Systems was formed following the acquisition of Chemtura by LANXESS. Eckert: “We see ourselves as a systems provider to the global polyurethane industry. Our offering includes comprehensive systems for cast elastomers, coatings, adhesives and sealants.” The business unit is one of the world’s leading suppliers of conventional and low free prepolymers and special aqueous polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). “A particular focus is placed on solvent- and monomer-free systems. For example, we have developed a new low free MDI prepolymer specifically for adhesives and sealants with isocyanate content of less than 0.1 percent,” Eckert explains.


Additives: New flame retardants and hydrolysis stabilizers

Urethane Systems shares the stand at UTECH Europe with the LANXESS Additives business unit. The innovative halogen-free flame retardants are based, among other things, on a newly developed phosphorus chemistry. One product example are the phosphate esters of the Disflamoll and Reofos series, which have proven themselves, for example, in rigid and flexible foam applications based on polyurethane as well as in coatings, adhesives and sealants. They combine plasticizing with flame retardant properties.

The Additives business unit also introduces Stabaxol L, the first product in a new range of low-emission hydrolysis stabilizers. It is particularly suitable for polyester/polylactone polyols, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) and other PU elastomers. The product is liquid and of low-viscosity at room temperature – therefore it is easy to dose and process without prior heating.

Milliken & Co. Stand No. 610

Milliken plans to showcase its standing as a leading supplier of polyurethane additives, while also rolling out some new offerings at the upcoming show.

Milliken will display the broad portfolio of existing products it currently offers to the PU industry, including its Reactint® colorants, and its Milliguard® and AlphaSan® additives. At the same time, it will highlight a new range of colorants that deliver brighter, stronger, more intense and more effective shades to PU foam.


Milliken 1

Milliken to showcase innovative polyurethane additives at UTECH 2018.

(Photo © 2018 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR179)


The company also will be showcasing its newly released “ColorDirection 2019” — a prediction of the color palette that Milliken experts see emerging in the consumer space next year. “After an extended phase exposed to high-contrast colors, we expect consumer preferences to shift firmly away from the artificial,” the company predicts, with 2019 poised to feature honest, authentic colors that are bright yet as real as possible.


Milliken 2

Milliken’s Reactint® colorants provide the deepest shades available for PU without affecting the formulation or quality of the foam. (Photo © 2018 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR179)


Milliken will also display a mattress on its UTECH stand to help demonstrate how its Reactint colorants deliver deep shades across a wide colorspace, while allowing the brand owner to achieve an optimal market differentiation and brand recognition.


Milliken 3

Milliken will display a mattress to help demonstrate how its Reactint colorants deliver deep shades across a wide colorspace. (Photo © 2018 Milliken & Company, all rights reserved, MKPR179)


Improve air quality through reduced chemical emissions & protect against UV exposure

Milliguard AOX antioxidant protects polyurethane and other thermoset polymers from oxidation and degradation.

Specially designed to support polyol suppliers, polyurethane flexible foamers, mattress converters and other PU producers, it improves the quality and durability of final PU parts by preventing odor-causing degradation byproducts and discoloration caused by exposure to light, heat and NOx. This polymeric additive also helps producers to meet stringent environmental and air quality standards by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) and outgassing condensation (FOG) emissions.

“Milliken continues to develop technologies that help to improve vehicle interior air quality and meet the newest, most stringent automotive industry requirements,” notes Antoni Puig, product line manager, EMEA – PU Colorants & Additives. “The new Milliguard AS aldehyde scavenger additive complements our existing Milliguard AOX technology in reducing the generation of aldehydes in PU foam.”

Milliguard UVX UV absorbers protect PU from yellowing and degradation caused by exposure to UV light. Supplied in liquid form for easy handling and metering, they help PU producers and converters to deliver fresh, long-lasting PU products with lower VOC and FOG emissions. These UV absorbers, reactive in nature, are widely used in PU for furniture and bedding, building insulation and automotive applications.

Milliken, meanwhile, also will display its AlphaSan AG additive, which delivers microbial protection through the power of Silver, and AlphaSan AF, which is a stable dispersion of a highly functional antifungal active ingredient. On day three (May 31) at UTECH, from 12:15-12:30 pm, Sven De Vis, a TS&D engineer with Milliken Europe, will deliver a presentation on “Reactive polymer-bound antioxidants for polyol and polyurethane foam improving emission profiles and long-term quality of foam.” 

NEO GROUP Stand No. 433

One of Europe’s leading producers of high quality Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins and Aromatic Polyester Polyols designed for use in polyisocyanurate and polyurethane applications. Founded in Lithuania in 2004, NEO GROUP is serving wide range of polyester polyols based on PET and phthalic anhydride (PA) components with improved processing and final properties.



NEOPOLYOL is a high-quality Aromatic Polyester Polyol used in a variety of applications, including rigid PIR and PU foam, One Component foam, Spray System, Glue, Adhesives and other. Many of our polyols are further modified to improve the flammability performance, mechanical strength and processing of rigid foams. Nowadays company is producing wide range of polyester polyols based on Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and phthalic anhydride (PA) components with different hydroxyl levels and viscosities. Company also offers APP based semi-systems for continues and discontinuous rigid- or flexible-faced PIR panels.

Our products are manufactured by highly qualified employees and tested in well-equipped laboratory to ensure product quality and process stability. We are using Automatic Titrators to determine moisture content, hydroxyl and acidity number. Gas Chromatography is used for determination of free glycols, Brookfield for determination of viscosity. The Foam Qualification System FOAMAT allows us to test the main physical parameters like rise height, temperature and pressure during the PIR and PU foaming process.

NRC Group Stand No. 349

The NRC Group, now a global company, will be there at UTECH Europe to exhibit with two of its partners, Notedome Limited and Albemarle Europe SPRL. Together, the three companies will be presenting their comprehensive range of raw materials for polyurethane production, showcasing innovative solutions and introducing new logistics and packaging services.

The NRC Group will be drawing on the experience it has gathered at previous UTECH events, including the 2015 fair that hosted more than 8,650 visitors. The decision to increase The Group’s presence at the event this year in Maastricht is in large part due to the even greater turnout that is expected to attend.

OSV Stand Nr. 341

OSV demonstrates it's new edition of M Series metering and mixing machine for processing high performance quasi MDI polyurethane elastomers. Also at our booth you will find a brand new equipment OSV Combi, which designed for mixing liquid polymers with mineral fillers for manufacturing engineering stone and abrasive tools. This year OSV appears as group of three technical and sales companies in Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria with its headquarter and production plant in Ukraine.

PURPLAN Stand No. 544

PURPLAN plans and builds customized plants for polyurethane and synthetic resin production.

As a family business with a young team of proven specialists, we are one of the leading plant construction companies with locations in Germany, the USA and China.

Internationally active corporations as well as medium-sized companies from the chemical, food, automotive and plastics processing industries rely on our expertise. Today, more than 500 companies worldwide work with PURPLAN plans.

Our portfolio:

  • Bulk Storage
  • Mixing Stations
  • Reaction Plants
  • Supply Plants
  • Standard Products

News: PURscan

The millimetre-precise measurement of your system with the latest laser scanning technology – reliable and uncomplicated. Get a non-binding offer for the 3D scan of your system now.

RAMPF Stand No. 805

At UTECH Europe 2018, the international RAMPF Group will be represented by its core competencies Eco Solutions and Polymer Solutions:

RAMPF Eco Solutions is an expert in chemical solutions for manufacturing high-quality alternative polyols using PU and PET waste materials, PSA as well as renewable and bio-based raw materials. It also develops and constructs multi-functional plants for polyol production based on PU, PET/PSA, polyesters, and biomonomers.

RAMPF Polymer Solutions is a leading developer and manufacturer of reactive resin systems based on polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, and hotmelts. The product portfolio includes liquid and thixotropic sealing systems, electro and engineering casting resins, edge and filter casting resins, and adhesive systems.


The highlights at UTECH 2018:

Recycled polyols made to measure

RAMPF Eco Solutions based in Pirmasens, Germany, has been developing high-quality alternative polyols for over 25 years. In two of the largest facilities in Europe, tailored polyols are industrially manufactured from PU residues using a specially developed chemical process. The resulting basic polyols are integrated back into the customer’s production process, creating a cycle that delivers both environmental and economic benefits.

A special focus is also placed on using renewable and bio-based raw materials for the manufacture of polyols.

“Alternative polyols made by RAMPF are of the highest quality and precisely tailored to the production of the customer. This way, the dependence on volatile markets is lessened and raw material and energy consumption reduced”, explains Marco Werth, Director of Sales & Marketing at RAMPF Eco Solutions.


Reactive resins based on polyurethane, epoxy, silicone, and hot-melts

Reactive resin systems made by RAMPF Polymer Solutions are used for sealing, casting, bonding, design, protection, and insulation in various industries and applications. “We provide customers with high-quality products and solutions tailored precisely to their needs. Our service is all-encompassing – from material, plant, and process technology to product development, market launch, and after-sales service”, says Dr. Frank Birkelbach, Sales & Marketing Director at RAMPF Polymer Solutions. “We also work closely together with Eco Solutions, as we place particular emphasis on the use of renewable raw materials.”


Casting systems for liquid filter production

For the air and hybrid filter industry, RAMPF Polymer Solutions has developed a wide range of liquid gasket and casting systems based on polyurethane (RAKU® PUR), epoxy (RAKU® POX), and hotmelts (RAKU® MELT).

These exhibit fast processing times, very high chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and high resistance to mechanical stress.


RAKU® PUR elastomers

Elastomer systems from RAMPF Polymer Solutions impress with their high elongation and shear strength, high chemical resistance, exceptional flow properties, very low water absorption, very low shrinkage, and excellent stability.

These elastomers are used, amongst others, for concrete mold and clone production of natural stone imitations.

Multi-functional plants for polyol production

RAMPF Eco Solutions is the market-leading, end-to-end partner for the design and construction of multi-functional plants for manufacturing customized alternative polyols using PU waste materials, PET/PSA, polyesters such as PLA and PHB, and biomonomers.

RAMPF combines its many years of experience in developing innovative chemical solutions with the comprehensive industrial plant engineering expertise of its partners.

“With a customized, turnkey chemical plant from RAMPF, customers establish an ecologically sustainable production cycle that sets them apart from the competition. Additional economic benefits are the significantly lower transportation and disposal costs”, Michael Kugler, Plant Manager at RAMPF Eco Solutions, points out.

REPI Stand Nr. 424

The worldwide well-known colours and additives producer will be attending once again the leading trade show for polyurethanes applications.

The 45-year-old supplier of liquid colours, additives and ancillary equipment for Polyurethanes and Thermoplastics will highlight the complete range of products for polyurethane applications.

REPI R&D department recently upgraded the existing UV Stabilizers and Anti Scorching lines.

A Phthalate Free range completes the BIO based line, largely used in most elastomers applications.

For the Automotive market, REPI offers a wide range of VOC/FOG-free colour and additive solutions.

A special focus will be on the Automatic Feeding System for self-formulators, based on the unique idea to add the colour in the drumming off phase to polyol or pre-polymer, by means of a gear pump connected to a motor controlled by REPI U2011 Dosing Unit.

REPI Technical Team will be showing the unit functions in depth during the show.

SAIP Equipment Stand Nr. 420

SAIP is glad to announce its participation and to illustrate SAIP UNIQUE SOLUTIONS and LATEST TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS which meet any production need in the insulation market, such as construction, refrigeration, pre-insulated pipes production, in furniture, automotive, technical articles production and molding industries.

Our visitors will be illustrated on:

CONTITECH & DITECH: continuous and discontinuous production lines of sandwich panels;

REFTECH: complete foaming lines for the insulation of professional and domestic refrigerators; PIPETECH: complete solutions for pre-insulated pipes production and pipe-joint insulation; SAIPTECH: customized solutions (multi-station rotary table, oval carousel, stationary presses, mold press carriers, foaming automation, mold for presses, gasketing systems).

SAIP has recently received patent certificates of a few technologies, such as:

- mouth-up technology foaming fixture with adjustable mold and automatic plugs heating system, for the foaming process of professional refrigerators’ cabinets.

The solution allows operators to use the same core for manufacturing different kinds of cabinet

models, ensuring considerable time, costs and energy saving.

- third stream - direct injection third component - high pressure mixing head, in the components mixing process, the new mixing head permits the use of a third blowing agent on any kind of foaming units (SAIP or other ones) either new or in revamping; the recycle of the third component occurs directly in the head, with components radial blending, for a higher mixing quality.

A SAIP stand corner will be specially dedicated to ce|de|pa ce|de|pace|de|pa ce|de|pa the international R&D center totally devoted to innovate technologies for PU insulated sandwich panel production.

UBE Stand Nr. 504

UBE is a global company that supplies value-added products for polyurethane coatings, adhesives and sealants. Our products are commercially available in Europe, Americas and Middle East, and produced in our plants worldwide, directly selling our products through our different offices spread wordwide, having our own local stock stocks.

Why choose UBE?

  • Impressive R & D resources in order to creating unique products
  • Provider of high value-added and superior quality products outperforming the market
  • Personalized advice and technical support enables a closer relationship with each customer
  • Suistenable global developments



ETERNACOLL polycarbonate diol

UBE 1UBE has developed ETERNACOLL polycarbonate polyols, a large platform of solutions for polyurethane formulators offering customizable possibilities in terms of durability.

ETERNACOLL polycarbonate diols are used mainly in the manufacture of high-performance polyurethanes. The origin of these higher performance in polycarbonate diol based polyurethanes, compared to their traditional counterparts as polyester diol or polyether diol, is due to the presence of carbonate group in the polymer. This group is much more stable against hydrolysis than the ester group and also has a greater stability against UV radiation and high temperatures that the ether group. Thus, the final polyurethane products based on polycarbonate diol present the advantage compared to those prepared with traditional polyurethanes, a very high durability against degradation agents such as hydrolysis, chemicals, thermal degradation effect or UV.

ETERNACOLL polycarbonate diols can directly replace your current polyols in formulations in waterbased, solventborne and 100% solids polyurethanes, just requiring minor modifications to adjust the formulation to the new polyol. ETERNACOLL polycarbonate diol can be reacted with any kind of isocyanate, as any other standard polyol. In polyurethanes, polycarbonate diol is suitable for all polyurethane systems based on any kind of isocyanate, such as IPDI, HDI, MDI, or any other aliphatic or aromatic isocyanate. Furthermore, polycarbonate diol can be used as single polyol, as well as blended with other standard polyol, showing full miscibility with the most standard ones.


ETERNATHANE polycarbonate diol-based prepolymers

UBE 2ETERNATHANE is a series of polycarbonate-based and isocyanate-terminated urethane prepolymer with customizable composition, for polyurethane applications requesting high performance and maximized durability.

ETERNATHANE prepolymers are aimed to be used in high performance polyurethane products to reach the technical requirements you are looking for. Further, polyurethanes based on polycarbonate diol-based prepolymers ETERNATHANE exhibit enhanced durability against all kind of hash conditions and presents a working life useful for both machine and hand-batching procedures.

ETERNATHANE-based polyurethanes properties can be adjusted by using a standard or a mixture of different curative agents, such as UBE ETERNACOLL polycarbonate diol. Polyurethanes based on ETERNATHANE exhibit enhanced durability against extreme conditions and maintaining original performance overtime.


ETERNACOLL polycarbonate diol-based PUDs

PUD is used as a water-based coating material and base resin for adhesives that are environmentally friendly.




PUD is used as a water-based coating material and base resin for adhesives that are environmentally friendly. It demonstrates the same toughness and durability as solvent-based urethanes. We have the perfect product for a range of materials, including car interiors/exteriors, wood working, plastics, and ink, among others, providing:

  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance in comparison with polyester diol-based PUDs
  • Excellent stain resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High gloss
  • Outstanding weatherability

UBE polycarboante diol-based PUDs fits in a wide range of applications requesting durability and properties retention, such as:

  • Automotive interior coating
  • Plastics coating
  • Pre-coat metal
  • Architecture
  • Functional film

Glycerol carbonate

UBE 4Glycerol carbonate finds several uses in coatings, adhesives, solvents, plasticizers, etc.

Glyceron carbonate can be used in several applications, such as:

  • Coatings, paintings and adhesives
  • Blocking agent for isocyanates which may be used water-borne polyurethane dispersion for coatings, paintings and adhesives.
  • Reduces weight loss in cathodic electrocoatings and has ability as an anti-crater agent.
  • Solvent, diluent, plasticizer and compatibilizer



Glycerol Carbonate offers excellent solvent properties.Thus it may be used as solvent, diluent, plasticizer, or compatibilizer for diferent systems of solvents in several applications. Due to its dual functionality, glycerin carbonate may also be used as synthetic intermediates, chain extender and crosslinkage.


UBEDISP hyperdispersants

UBEDISP are graft-polymeric hyperdispersants for coatings applications. UBEDISP are tailor-made dispersants based on one main anchoring polymer functionalized with different stabilizing polymeric chains providing the perfect match for your application, which have been developed for dispersing inorganic particles into non-polar and medium polarity media using UBE technology.