Dow Polyurethanes and Polytec EMC showcase casting elastomers technologies in Erstein, France, during customer workshop

Mid-September 2016, Dow Polyurethanes Elastomers, together with Polytec EMC, hosted already the fourth processing workshop, this time in Erstein, France. Over 40 current and potential customers attended the workshop, coming from Austria, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Customers were offered a ‘peak-behind-the-scenes’ in learning sessions on Dow Polyurethanes Engineering elastomers products, applications and technologies and followed interactive live casting demonstrations with a selection of Dow Polyurethanes systems processed through various types of Polytec dispensing machines. Pierre Burelli, Commercial Director Western Europe for Dow Polyurethanes Solutions – Industrial, Comfort & Energy Efficiency (ICEE) and Country President of Dow France, felt strongly about this approach: “These workshops bring together the expertise from customers, the machine manufacturer and the raw material supplier with the aim to continuously improve our offerings. Generating ideas and help the customer innovate for success, this is what the workshop was all about.’’
“Based on the long-term cooperation and partnership with Dow Polyurethanes Elastomers, we definitively can give only a positive appraisal about these events,” Mr. Peter Stinshoff, General Manager of Polytec Industrial, said.

Newly presented during the workshop was the system Hyperlast 153

In order to help address the concerns from its customers, Dow Polyurethanes has been working on alternatives for the use of MbOCA (4,4’-methylene-bis(2-chloroaniline).
Hyperlast 153 is the latest development in Dows extensive range of elastomers systems that do not contain mercury catalyst and do not need MbOCA as a curative. They have already proved their functionality in many applications over the years, from dynamic bend stiffeners used in harsh offshore environments to a variety of industrial components such as timing belts, rollers and tooling parts.

As a multi component material Hyperlast 153 system enables the processor to select tough and durable elastomers over a hardness range from  55 Shore A to 75 Shore D with just four components, this can also help reduce the numbers of materials in inventory. The Hyperlast 153 system components are processed at lower temperature than the full prepolymer countertypes allowing for energy savings in production.  Keeping processing time at an optimum the product allows the processor to have control over the pot-life and demould time, providing flexibility in terms of the size of parts, that are being produced designed to give optimal through put. Hyperlast 153 provides excellent mechanical properties and hydrolysis resistance across the hardness range.