Let’s start the New Year with music!

For 20 years I’ve been faithfully writing my editorial for every issue of FAPU: in most cases with tremendous pleasure, occasionally while asking myself if I should or should not say what was on my mind, and sometimes motivated by the notion that some self-promotion or expression of thanks might be appropriate.

This time, though, there’s nothing left for me to say that you haven’t heard a thousand times in recent weeks or months!

All the Christmas greetings I’ve received have dealt with a single topic: the political, economic, personal challenges and the “current” normal. I’ll refrain from repeating or even commenting on all this – because what would be the point? None of us has a crystal ball and can tell if and when there’ll be something like a normal everyday life again, so I’ll be brief:

I wish all of our readers the best of health in 2021 and that your wishes and dreams may come true!

Birgit Harreither

Original Spanish version with English subtitles: