“The future has many names. For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity.”
(Victor Hugo)


Nothing but smoke and mirrors – society in a state of transformation: these are exciting times for humankind, anything’s possible. Will society find its way back to personal responsibility and self-determination?


These are not my words but those from an e-mail I received that was trying to sell me on – I’m not really sure what it was – gold or cryptocurrency. I suppose people’s fears have always lent themselves well to being played on.


Be that as it may: I remain optimistic and maintain that there’s no need for me to find my way back to a sense of personal responsibility and self-determination – because I’ve still got both!


The year is nearly over and today you’re receiving our last issue for 2020. We’ve prepared our media kit for next year, which can be accessed by means of the QR code below. Of course, I realise that many businesses have been sharpening their cost-saving pencils and will continue to do so. Even so, I’d like to ask those concerned to bear in mind that the media receiving press releases, the preparation of which has more than likely cost some money too, cannot publish them completely for free either, so I’d be delighted about the placement of a few ads again next year to support us.




I wish our readers and business partners Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season, hoping for your and for my sake that, under the circumstances, we’ll be able to spend the holidays together with our families and friends. And, please, keep looking at things with a sense of humour.


For those who may have lost track of all the rules, the Austrian comedian Gernot Kulis has summarised them at the following link: https://youtu.be/m7wjQ0O_10A Unfortunately, his announcement from the ‘Ministry of Greater Lunacy’ is only available in German, so here’s a brief summary for our non-German-speaking readers:


In Austria, as a rule of thumb, 6 persons are currently allowed to get together in interior spaces. That’s easy to remember because 5 fingers, plus 1 thumb makes 6, right? Now does that also apply to automotive interiors? No, it doesn’t – in this case, the car model is the decisive factor.


Obviously, only 1 person may ride in a Fiat Uno, 3 may be inside a 3-series BMW and 4 in an AUDI quattro. Since this rule puts some vehicle owners at a disadvantage, people should carpool. In this case, a Fiat Cinquecento is advantageous – it can accommodate up to 500 people and for larger family reunions, you can borrow the minister’s Porsche 911. Naturally, company parties and larger festivities are undesirable, unless they take place in a Ford Fiesta.


Now, I’m still a little bewildered: I drive an AUDI A5 quattro, so does the 4- or the 5-person rule apply to me?


And here’s my suggestion for those still looking for an appropriate Christmas gift:


Why not book a ‘flight to nowhere’ offered by various Asian airlines and Australian carrier Qantas? Flying for the sake of flying. If you’ve never heard about it, just google it. Passengers love it and climate activists are outraged.


Birgit Harreither