Important Information for the Polyurethane Industry

Instead of my usual editorial, I would like to use this space this time to invite your attention to the content of an email I received from the EU ISOPA/ALIPA Association as part of a press mailing. The trade media have been asked to bring this to the attention of all our readers. I am pleased to fulfil this request because truly everyone in the polyurethane processing industry is affected by this subject. In addition, there is a pertinent video available on the ISOPA website: https://www.isopa.org/news/updates-on-mandatory-trainings-for-users-of-diisocyanates/index.html

ISOPA/ALIPA: Safe Use of diisocyanates – Updates on new mandatory training requirements

Here is what you need to do!

To ensure that workers across the EU can continue to handle diisocyanates safely, new training requirements will become mandatory for professional and industrial users under the EU’s REACH Regulation from 24 August 2023.

The user of diisocyanates – either the employer of the user or the self-employed person – must complete and document the completion of the training. If you do not comply with these mandatory trainings, you will no longer be allowed to work with diisocyanates.

ISOPA/ALIPA and their industry partners are organizing a comprehensive training programme to ensure the safe use of diisocyanates for producers and professional users all over Europe.

Here is where you can find all the relevant information ahead of 24th August 2023

1. Go to the Safe Use of Diisocyanates website to read more about the training requirements and how they might apply to you.

2. Ensure that you sign-up for updates on the availability of trainings in your local langue and other relevant news on the safe use of diisocyanates.

As the building blocks of Polyurethanes, diisocyanates are crucial ingredients to making our lives more convenient, comfortable and sustainable.

Update on progress on roll-out of trainings

As you are aware, ISOPA and ALIPA with their industry partners are currently developing a comprehensive training programme to help stakeholders stand ready to implement the EU requirements and ensure safe use of diisocyanates across Europe.

ISOPA/ALIPA are happy to share with you their progress and next steps in the roll-out of the training programme:

• In May, they started a pilot phase with selected downstream sectors in Germany.

• The training material for all training levels required under the REACH legal text is almost completed.

• Quick guides on registration and trainer registration will be available soon via the Help Center (https://isopa.idloom.tech/help-center).

• On 1st October, ISOPA und ALIPA aim to launch a platform in English and German which will be accessible in the entire EU.

• Trainings will be made available in a first slot of major European languages by the end of this year.

Please contact ISOPA/ALIPA if you should have any questions regarding the availability of the trainings or any requests.