9th PU Elastomers Trade Meeting 2021

Well, there would have been so many other topics for an editorial at the moment, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll just get back to some of them at a later date.


“I hope this cup will pass from me”. That’s what I was thinking when the corona crisis took its course and one event after the other was either cancelled or postponed. Unfortunately, of all events, UTECH Europe 2021 put a spoke in my wheel by being postponed to the particular week in September that had been planned for the next PU Elastomers Trade Meeting. Needless to say, I’m not so foolish as to schedule our event at a time that would clash with UTECH, especially since many of the speakers and participants are also UTECH exhibitors and visitors. In the frantic search for a new date I learned from the younger generation that you can start a Doodle poll on Google – no sooner said than done and, lo and behold, the poll resulted in keen response, so that now there are two dates that have clearly emerged as favourites backed by nearly the same number of votes: 16th + 17th June and 1st + 2nd December 2021.


Since June offers better opportunities for the evening event due to the weather and the originally planned hotel would be available as well (I’d have to find a new hotel for December), I’m targeting this date for the time being. However, there’s no telling at this time how the government regulations concerning public events and travel are going to develop, so I’d like to keep 1st + 2nd December as a fallback.


I can only apologise to all interested parties and participants for any inconvenience this may cause and ask that you save both dates until further notice.


Even so, it’s time to initiate the call for papers. Please see the advert next to this editorial for all relevant details. Of course, I’ll be pleased to assist you by phone or email if you should have further questions.


P.S. Our event calendar has been carefully revised according to the current state as well. Any changes will immediately be published on our homepage – apart from those updates, you’ll find the latest information in the upcoming magazine issues.