Saying goodbye with mixed feelings

Two years of coronavirus have taken a serious toll on my business and, like many solo entrepreneurs, I’ve always fallen through the cracks of government assistance programmes. Up until the end I was hoping for the situation to improve and for the important business segment of ad placement, which is the main source of financing for any magazine, to get better again.

Receiving press releases from large corporations and medium-sized businesses happily reporting that turnover and profit have continued to rise in spite of difficult times and how much in dividends has been paid to shareholders, as well as the regularly sent releases about new products, expansions of production capacity, etc. has been a remarkable experience indeed – considering that these companies actually expect their releases to be published with pleasure and copies of the publications be sent with gratitude to their press contacts and PR agencies, preferably of all five annual issues. Most of these companies aren’t even subscribers and some of them even have the audacity to pass the PDFs on to other businesses and associations with which they enjoy friendly relations, of course without regard for the express information that this is not permissible. I’ve always been astonished to see who all was regularly reading my magazine but too stingy to spend the 95 euros per year on a subscription. I would have expected more honesty and fairness.

That’s not how things work!

Due to my move to Austria on 1st June 2022, I had to settle accounts for all existing contracts anyhow, so that will be a good date on which to end what no longer makes sense in this form.

Today, after 22 years, this will be the last issue of FAPU. It goes without saying that I feel a bit sad about that because it has been fun for many years and I’d like to thank all subscribers and advertising customers for their loyalty. However, I won’t miss the arduous period of struggling and sticking it out of the last two years.

Of course, the FAPU website will remain open to web and super subscriptions until 31st May 2022 as well. By autumn, the website is planned to be converted into an information platform and PU blog that will be accessible exclusively to subscribers. I’d be delighted to receive some feedback on that from you.


Then send us an email, subject: FAPU blog to info@fapu.de. We’d like to know what topics are of particular interest to you and what services you’d like us to provide. Please include your address and phone number in your email so that we can get in touch with you.

At the PU Elastomer Conference from 14th–15th September 2022 I’ll be pleased to present the new concept.

Our contact details (web, e-mail and mobile phone number) will remain the same. Just the postal address will change to:

Hangweg 14
A-8600 Oberaich

For now, I’m looking forward to moving back to my home country and to the preparation phase for the PU Elastomer Conference that’s already exciting again. Please observe that the call for papers deadline will soon expire. In May I’m going to inform all interested parties about the programme and look forward to seeing everyone again soon in the “real” world.

By the way, you can continue to find me and contact me on LinkedIn.

Birgit Harreither