Welcome to PU's Jubilee Year 2012!

This issue is dedicated to the topic of polyurethane in architecture. Just by listening to my circle of friends, I realise that people don't really know much about PU and how important it is to their daily life. It seems to me that a lot of education is required and this is one task of the PU trade associations.

ISOPA has dedicated a special project to this called - "The Polyurethane Passive House".

The Polyurethane Passive House project is an initiative by the European trade association for producers of diisocyanates and polyols and construction company Bostoen. Construction started 1st September 2011 near to Brussels airport. Polyurethanes have been used wherever possible to show the environmental, economic and subsequent financial advantages of the house, which has been constructed to the very latest building standards. Architects, students, construction companies and the general public can get more information about the Passive House at www.polyurethanes.org/passivehouse.

But polyurethane is a versatile material that is also a popular alternative in interior design, as shown by young students from the Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Southern Germany) technical academy for interior and object design, who, together with their teacher, Dirk Schellberg, presented at the FSK Polyurethane Conference and were awarded the 2011 Innovation Prize.

(Photos 1-5: Design by Elias Kronberger, who won the group award together with 4 other students)


Veronika Wernsdörfer (student) received a separate award for her innovative idea of ‘threading' a foam mat onto wooden slats.


((Photos 1-3: "aufgefädelt" ("threading") by Veronika Wernsdörfer)).




Birgit Harreither



Information about the competition: 75 years polyurethane

We are looking for the oldest polyurethane processing machine (casting or foaming) still in production.

As proof we need a photo of the nameplate (exact type of machine and year of manufacture) or proof of purchase, as well as information about the product manufactured.


The winner, to be announced in July, 2012, will receive a 2 page presentation on the machine and the product it manufactures, a free advertisement and a weekend for 2 in Hamburg (including bed and breakfast for 2, harbour tour and a surprise gift, excluding travel costs).