Polyurea, contemporary coating of commercial vehicles

Polyurea is a modern coating system and provides various options in the field of vehicle construction. Ranges of application are, among others, the coating of truck beds, trailers, pickup trucks and board gates as well as the lining of truck bodies and vans with a seamless coating trough.
Coated cargo areas feature a strongly improved noise insulation which is very important, for example with deliveries of groceries to stores in residential areas during nighttime. This coating minimizes the disturbance of the population. Another feature is the wear out protection, whereby the lifespan of the cargo areas increases.
Coating truck bodies with polyurea turns them into a seamless trough, which makes cleaning much easier. Polyurea can be cleaned with high pressure cleaners and chemical sanitizers.

Beschichgtung_LKW_1Seamless trough coating in body of a 7,5 ton truck

The company Steinforth GmbH, is an experienced company in the area of vehicle and industrial coating. They upgraded their portfolio with the application of polyurea.

For the application of polyurea the company Steinforth decided to use a two component hot-spray machine type Reactor of the company FluidSystems GmbH & Co. KG in Haan.

Beschichtung_LKW_2Application of the polyurea system in a masked truck body

Amine- and isocyanate components are applied directly out of the supplied containers. The facility is designed versatile, so that material processing is possible with hobbocks as well as 200 litre barrels.  The standardized hot spray machine has an individual heat control for the isocyanate and amine component with an output of 15kW. The hose heating can be adjusted separately. With this machine working pressures up to 240 bar can be implemented. For the company Steinforth, a hose length of 30 meter was installed. A hose extension up to 90 meters can be performed at any time.

The machine is equipped with an automatic hose length detection for optimal heating output as well as an adjustable pressure differential control to monitor the working pressure and the mixing ratio. Furthermore the machine is equipped with a phase control and a voltage monitor, they prevent damage of the facility by the power supply.
The necessary amount of pressured air is comparatively low, since only the feed pumps and the gun purification need pressured air.

Technical data:
Max. operating pressure 240 bar
Max. hose length 90 meter
Output 160 ccm / DH
heat output 15,30 kW
mixing ratio 1:1 according to volume (other mixing ratios possible)

The Reactor machines are robust and easy to operate. For the start up at the company Steinforth, the staff got a comprehensive training by FluidSystems GmbH & Co. KG. Much information regarding professional application was imparted to the coaters.

During the past years FluidSystems GmbH & Co. KG supplied reactor machines among others in the range of car industry, swimming pools, biogas plants, dockyard industry, refurbishing of clearing basins, sewers or flat roofs, pipe line construction and decoration.

Gestellvariante_LKW_3Stationary machine, here with drip tray and hobbock material supply