GacoFireStop 5500

Gaco Western fuses high performance open-cell spray foam insulation with Ignition Barrier in a new single application formula. It's the first and only open-cell single application formula of its kind in the industry. Now with GacoFireStop spray foam insulation, a one-step installation has never been easier or yielded greater results.

On February 3rd, 2011, GacoFireStop passed the ICC-ES AC 377 Appendix X test for spray foam insulation, a first for open-cell foams. Until this point, an additional ignition barrier was required by all Spray Foam Manufacturers for open-cell insulation in attic and crawl space applications.

According to Gaco C.E.O. Peter Davis, "This propriety new insulation product isn't just a first for the industry; it's a major advancement that saves time and money, while improving performance."

GacoFireStop can be applied to any attic or crawl space with the same sprayability and coverage as any of Gaco's other foam insulation products. The single application cures within an hour and can be left exposed, meeting all code requirements in attics and crawl spaces.

"The difference is: GacoFireStop doesn't require any additional ignition barrier. It's part of the actual polyurethane foam insulation," said Davis. "So it's easier for code officials to inspect - and pass. Contractors and builders won't have to prove a required thickness of intumescent coating over the top of the foam."

GacoFireStop provides significant cost savings over competitive open-cell foam products with ignition barrier coating. The single-step process also means significantly reduced installation time: a key savings factor for the installer, builder and - ultimately - the homeowner.

Davis emphasized that GacoWallFoam is still "at the heart of this revolutionary insulation that means Gaco's Air Seal Advantage, a single, solid, seamless energy-saving barrier that doesn't shrink or sag over time, but rather adds structural integrity."

GacoFireStop spray foam insulation will be available May 1st, 2011 with limited distribution through certified contractors.