TPU for Tough Cases

Simrit has developed diaphragms of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that are particularly tough. This increases the service lives of the units in which these components are installed by up to a factor of 3.

Diaphragms are important components in fittings, e.g. for fluid pumps, building technology applications or in plant construction. Previously, mainly materials like acryl nitrite butadiene rubber (NBR) or ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM) have been used for these diaphragms. Due to increasing requirements to service lives and resilience under harsh environmental conditions, the Simrit experts are looking for new material solutions. TPU seemed to be a promising solution with its great parameters, such as higher tensile resilience and elasticity, great abrasion resilience and best values in tear resistance and reverse bending resistance.

After comprehensive test series and intense development work with different TPU materials, Simrit has been able to produce diaphragms from pure TPU as well as composite diaphragms with PTFE foil, fabric, as well as metal or plastic inserted parts, in large batches as well. The so-called Long-Life Diaphragms can triple the units' service lives - as compared to plants with conventional NBR components.