“It is what it is – but it will become what you make it.”

(Anonymous source, read and found to be good)


I assume – in fact I’ve even been told – that readers were eager to see what I’d have to say about the topic of the ‘corona virus’. However, I certainly won’t share any personal opinions here because it was hard enough to put together a polyurethane-relevant issue of FAPU without too many references to the deplorably difficult state of the nation, because in my book there’ll definitely be a life after corona or, well, one with it.


However, there’s one thing I’d definitely like to say for starters: ‘A sincere thank you to all the companies that didn’t walk out on me on the spur of the moment and that are no doubt well aware of the fact that life – including business – will go on. That the polyurethane industry will continue to produce news, innovations and new developments that the players in this sector would like to inform their audiences about, and that suitable media will continue to be of good use for this purpose. So, once again, many, many thanks for sticking with us!’
This is our first issue to be published in ‘merely paperless’ form. Admittedly, not all our readers were happy about this move, but we managed to convince even most of the die-hard sceptics that sometimes it’s necessary to pursue new paths. I also feel that it was a stroke of serendipity having taken and communicated this decision back in October 2019 so that nobody could claim (although I’m sure that no-one actually would) that FAPU were forced to save money due to the current situation. The truth is that I still had a granny who taught me the meaning of the old adage: ‘Waste not, want not!’ It’s a shame that this wisdom has arguably fallen into oblivion in recent decades.


Hence it simply was and continues to be a choice of pursuing a more environmentally friendly path, of adjusting to the habits of the younger generation and of becoming more independent in terms of logistics in that way as well.


That said, I’d like to point out once again that the distribution of the PDF within an organisation is permissible, but that any dissemination beyond organisational boundaries would definitely violate our rights as a publisher and, understandably, be detrimental to business.

Alright – I suppose I can’t completely resist the temptation – so here are my two favourite corona jokes:


If I catch corona, I’ll visit every tax office in the area!
They normally want to get half of everything else too!



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Humour helps – so on that note: ‘stay healthy!’


Birgit Harreither