Aus PDA „Polyurea Development Association" entsteht die „Association for High Performance Elastomeric Technologies"

Dear PDA Members: I am very pleased to announce that last Friday (3rd of June), the Board of Directors of PDA voted to approve the language to expand the breadth of the organization with a new Mission-Purpose. This was a momentous vote for PDA, an organization that until now has focused on just one chemical technology.  With this vote, the organization is no longer known as the "Polyurea Development Association;" today it is simply, "PDA" and is officially described as, "The Association for High Performance Elastomeric Technologies."  For me personally, this is incredibly exciting. Beginning late last fall, I realized that to further develop this organization, its membership and its offerings to a broader community of professionals, PDA had to open its doors wider.  With this vote, we have achieved that. Now, with the help of dedicated staff and volunteers, we will endeavor to develop more member benefits throughout the year, and especially at our Annual Conference. PDA headquarters will be sending out an official ballot asking primary contact members (one from each member company) to ratify changes in the organization's Bylaws.  These including the "Purpose" as noted in the attachment [**], and also changes necessary to accommodate an independent executive director.  Both of these changes have been approved by your board of directors. Thank you for your continued support of this fine association, and especially for your help in helping make PDA all it can be.  
Best regards,
Kyle Flanagan, President

**Revised Statement of Purpose:  To advance and promote the market for polyurea and polyurethane elastomeric technologies by leveraging the shared knowledge of our industry's applicators and custom formulators, along with the expertise of raw material and equipment suppliers, specifying engineers and architects, consumers, and associated industry professionals. The Association's focus is the growth of spray applied elastomeric technologies as well as enabling adjacent technologies.

Die diesjährige PDA-2011-Jahreskonferenz fand mit großem Erfolg vom 13. - 15. April 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana bereits zum 12. Mal statt. Lou Frank wurde offiziell zum neuen PDA Executive Director ernannt und gleichzeitig wurde beschlossen den Verband für die Polyureatechnologie um weitere Technologien für die Elastomerbeschichtung zu erweitern.
Des Weiteren wurden im Rahmen der Konferenz die neuen Board Members gewählt: President: Kyle Flanagan, The Flanagan Corporation, Irvine, Kalifornien; President-Elect: Dustin Le, E.T. Horn Company, LaMirada, Kalifornien; Secretary/Treasurer: Alan Brown, Freedom Chemical Corporation, Hawaiian Gardens, Kalifornien.
Neugewählte Direktoren: Michael Fox, Fox Industries, Inc.; Mark Hillard, LINE-X Protective Coatings, Inc.; Sam Lane, Albemarle Corporation; John Pantanella, Chemline, Inc.; Steven Reinstadtler, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. International Directors: Mario Lefebvre (Polyval Coatings, Inc.), Baozhu Wang (Qingdao Jialian New Chemical Materials Company), Karl Wührer, (BayerScience LLC.)

13. - 16.09.2011: Specialty Products, Inc., 2601 Lawing Lane, Rowlett, TX
08. - 11.11.2011: Polyurethane Roof Training Center, 731 South Lugo Avenue, San Bernardino, CA